Unified GRC Platform


从单一的真相来源合作, eliminate error, save costs, 并带动更大的信心在战略风险管理上进行统一, integrated, and sophisticated GRC platform.


无缝连接不同的数据源并进行集成, analyze, 并实时地将您的指标置于上下文. 有了即时的洞察,您就可以在整个组织中策略性地管理风险和遵从性——而且不必离开这个平台.


With your inventory of risks, controls, third parties, audits, and more, all in one place, teams can work from, reference, and report on shared data. Reduce workloads, increase visibility, 并在协作环境中实现更明智的决策.

Frequently Asked Questions


We integrate with almost everything, 即使是那个老旧的遗留系统也只有那个会计部门的人用过. Explore our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

How does HighBond manage user permissions?

角色定义了用户在访问云数据时拥有的权限类型. 权限可以包括管理设置、添加、查看、编辑或删除数据等任务. 一个用户可以在HighBond的不同模块中拥有不同的角色. 向美狮贵宾会登录中心的专家了解更多信息.

Who else uses HighBond?

More than 6,130个国家的300个组织依靠HighBond来实现其目标, including many Fortune 1000 and S&500强公司、数百家银行、制造商、医疗保健和政府机构. Check out some of our customer stories.


Everyone learns in their own way, 这就是为什么美狮贵宾会登录中心提供各种培训和启用选项,包括与Galvanize Academy的在线培训, in-person enablement, certification programs, Bootcamps, and more. 了解美狮贵宾会登录中心的专业服务.

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